Our Beliefs

Being the Best

All outcomes at DLT are focused on excellence, or more precisely, relentless improvement. Most importantly, we have a culture of excelling that results in a company which charts an upward trajectory in every aspect. To achieve excellence we believe that clarity, or more precisely, one’s accuracy in understanding reality, is essential. Clarity, i.e. a brutal assessment of reality and options, serves as the foundation for excellent results. We pull back typical office politics and agendas to support everyone in the company being focused on clear thinking and execution

Developing the Best

People who work at DLT have been selected because they are the best and have achieved a lot. This goes both ways – we hire the best but then set to work on investing in our people. The belief of DLT is that we have a role in stretching people beyond their comfort zone beyond their past standards so that they can be the best that they can be. Our people are held to the highest possible standards and the goal then is to help people to do their best work, develop themselves and deliver outstanding results for our clients. The client is front and centre but we achieve the outcomes the client needs through focusing on supporting our people to be great at what they do.

Our people tend to stay with us, but our aim is to ensure that they are more marketable after having worked with us as a result of their great work and experiences they obtain. You must understand that DLT is not about getting by; it is about driving the hell out of your goals and delivering excellent outcomes.

Delivering the Best

At DLT our overiding objective is excellent outcomes. To be clear, it is not about making a ton of money. If faced with the choice between excellent outcomes and making a lot of money, we’d choose the outcomes, though they are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, because they are so clearly related, they can easily get confused. For us “wealth” that is measured in financials is a consequence, not a goal by itself. We are competitive and like keeping score, but excellent outcomes for clients is the number one goal and the reason we are here.

Working with the Best

We work with great clients and this is a key part to our success. Our clients enjoy long standing relationships with us based on mutual openness, trust and respect. It’s important that our clients share this partnership approach in line with our values as a business. Itt provides a solid foundation for long term, real beneficial outcomes.